Diagonal Ceiling-Mounted Fan Coil unit with Cabin


Purchasing Guide for Diagonal Ceiling-Mounted Fan Coil Unit with Cabin
1- Technical specifications and price of Diagonal Ceiling-Mounted Fan Coil Unit with Cabin one-row (standard) Fan Coil Units and copper pipes with diameter of 8.5 and 14 fins per inch are presented.

2- For approximate estimation of required Fan Coil Unit (based on area of parts of buildings), click on figure 1.

3- Cooling and heating power quantities supplied by Fan Coil Units are adjusted with temperature conditions of indoor plan and maximum circle.

4- In an intermediate circle of correction coefficient, the above ground Fan Coil Units for air volume is 0.85 and for cooling and heating power is 0.93.

5- Two-row Diagonal Ground Fan Coil Unit (with more cooling and heating capacity) are produced on the customer’s demand and with higher prices.

6- All ceiling-mounted and ground Fan Coil Units of Co. are produced by using galvanized sheets with thickness of 5.1 mm. in the shell and pan.

7- Fan of all kinds of ceiling – mounted and ground Fan Coil Units are made of ABS and helical fans are made of polypropylene (P.P) .

8- All Fan Coil Units enjoy three-speed electromotors under license of Sisme Italy (electrojen) equipped with thermal protection for protection of engine against excessive loads and temperature exceeding motor winding.

9-Other properties of ground and ceiling-mounted Fan Coil Units include use of polystyrene insulation under the pan, equipped with simple use, washable filter, bleed valve.

10- Being left or right of pipes connection to Fan Coil Units required project should be determined before making order for production.

11-All Fan Coil Units are provided with 1-year warranty and 5 years of after-sale-services.

The points should be taken into consideration after purchasing Diagonal Ceiling-Mounted Fan Coil Unit with Cabin

  1. Annual washing of Fan Coil Unit air filter , causes decrease of air particles and improvement of air outlet of Fan Coil Unit.

  2. Usually, diameter of sweeping and return water branch pipes is considered for all ground and ceiling Fan Coil Units Model 200CFM with ½ inch size, for all kinds of Fan Coil Units 300 & 400 with ¾ inch size, for all kinds of Fan Coil Units 600, 800 & 1000 with 1 inch size and for 1200 to 1800 CFM ¼ inch size

ModelAerasiya(CFM)Maksimum soyutma qabiliyyəti (soyuq suyun bobin istiliyinə daxil olması: 45 f və ətraf mühit xüsusiyyətləri :67 f.DB & 80 f.DB)maksimum istilik tutumu (isti suyun bobin istiliyinə daxil olması: 80 f və ətraf mühit xüsusiyyətləri :70 f.DB)fans sayıElectromotorÖlçü(cm)Price($)

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